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- Furniture company Metamorfose in Cebu Philippines needs YOUR support for the damage due to the super typhoon


Cebu devastated by super typhoon Odette: Metamorfose needs your help to rebuild

As you may have seen and/or heard, the Philippines was hit hard by the super typhoon Rai, locally known as Odette, a category 5 hurricane. Odette is one of the most powerful storms to hit the southern Philippines on record. The center of the typhoon Odette went right over Cebu and Bohol and caused massive damage. The number of casualties is not known yet but run in the hundreds. Thousands of electricity poles are down, so there’s no power in many municipalities, many houses damaged and destroyed, boats, infrastructure, etcetera.

The furniture company Metamorfose Inc., run by my dad Niek Boelee and his partner Hein Chrispijn, also sustained much damage. The good news is that their families and all employees are well, but many have severe damage to their homes or even lost their house. As communication is still very difficult, my dad only has reception at the Mactan Airport, the size of this catastrophe is not clear, but it is massive and the rebuild will take time. It will take months to get electricity and other infrastructure repaired, but the biggest problem will be, is already, drinking water.
Widespread flooding and these devastating winds have hit even harder after 2 difficult years in this COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees and their families have lost faith and are desperate. We ask your financial support for the employees of Metamorfose and for Metamorfose Inc., to help rebuild and repair their homes, their workplace, their lives and their country. We guarantee that your support will go directly to rebuilding Metamorfose and their employees, and we will keep you informed of what is done with your help.
Metamorfose has over 100 Filipino employees and our target is therefore to collect at least 15,000 dollars, eventually. To rebuild. Every small donation will help.
Many thanks in advance, for every donation and for sharing,
Warm regards,
Michelle Boelee
starting this crowdfunding campaign in name of Niek Boelee for Metamorfose Inc. Philippines